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    ooh my bad, love MSB and her play and was disappointed she didn’t get a chance in the squad to play but she’s determined and she’ll get there this cycle barring any further injury. I’d love her back on court in the ferns as a middie.
    With Maia I would really love it if there wasn’t a big media thing released right on a tournament, featuring her and the issues she has faced in the last few years. Maybe that would help. Maybe she should be tried at WA?
    Not so sure about Earle, at times she has been great but under pressure her defensive effort falls away. Yes she was better this last season but still not as good as pre-covid.
    And yes, why would our shooters not shoot from range. Passing in and out always was and still is the best way to lose possession. If the close pass rule is put back in there will be no way a defender wont get in there every time.

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