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    Laughable and yet the ferns slump to their worst outing since 2018. Yes Maia had a great individual tournament, but we still lost and our middies couldn’t release that ball fast enough to her. Okay, your right, Walmsley was an overreaction- but I’m tired of this safe regime Noel’s plays at. She picked them for their “experience” and yet they came close to finishing 5th smh.

    Yes Dunn, but I think she showed domestically why she hasn’t donned the black dress in 5 years.

    Here’s the shooters that I see for the next cycle:
    Nweke, Walmsley, Tiana, Williams, Wilson, Tūī, Samason*, Fisher*

    Samason, could be our answer for a GA, obviously she’d have to commit to nz. Fisher , even though she was named with the wider squad for England- she honestly has a better chance here in NZ, than staying with the roses and missing out on big tournaments. If Noel’s stays, she’s has shown interest in George.

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