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    Giants could sign McDonnell, Moore, Temu and Ward. Then just run with 3 midcourters of Parmenter, Price and Hay. Yes it’s short on WA options but that is not a new issue for Giants! Parmenter would need to work on her C game which I’d imagine is part of her evolution anyway. It would be unfortunate for Sligar who I rate as one of the best young defensive midcourters in Australia. If she got more SSN court time in her preferred positions rather than WA she would be right alongside Tayla Williams. Would be a good thing for Sligar to be out of the shadow of Price and Parmenter, would definitely get more court time elsewhere. If my Moloney speculation is on the money then Sligar would fit in at Vixens or if it’s wrong then Sligar joining her sister at SCL could work well.

    Garbin may end up at vixens but I think it’s a long shot. Vixens approached her very early on. Didn’t really go anywhere, not off the table but they moved on to eyeing Van De Berg fairly quickly (before WC). It’s far more likely that they will sign VDB.

    As for Wallace. I agree it’d be a risky move for a new club. I wonder if she may even end up as a TP at Swifts hence why Swifts have shown interest in Garbin.

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