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    While it is absolutely fair to say that Taurus made fitness a priority for NZ, it is a big jump to suggest that NZ were the fittest team. I think the other top nations might have a bit to say about that.

    I think as many of us have said, NZ just don’t experience the intensity of match play that the SSN provides week in week out. But I think NZ has top players that are just as good as in the SSN.

    I was actually thinking that a consequence of the supershot is that it means that teams cannot let up on the opposition when they have a lead as it is much easier to get back into the game and equally as the possibility of a comeback is greater teams stick at it in circumstances where they might have dropped their heads or emptied the bench. So week in week out those on court are in a much more pressured scenario. And teams need to know how to play possession netball. Btw not advocating for the supershot, but I think it does have an impact in this way.

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