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    I think Wallace will be at Swifts. Just not sure in what capacity. Her injury and recovery will determine if it’s in the 10 or as a TP.

    I think SEN is the most likely home for Garbin. Not sure Browne will be there. Wouldn’t be surprised to see ATN pop up there. Maybe Glasgow to partner Garbin.

    realistically Kumwenda will be at Vixens. As much as I think they should go in a different direction I suspect she will remain there for 2024 and maybe even 2025. For that reason as I posted last night Vixens should probably just back in Emily Andrew. She is the future and is just as good as say Letherbarrow was when she got her first contract and has now built up such that most of us would like her to be the Giants starting GS next year. Vixens could do a similar phase in for Andrew. It would be a Vixen like move to go for vic talent.

    Nyah Allen seems to be a forgotten player. Such a great young shooter. She had come back to playing VNL so it is interesting that she isn’t playing ANC. I hope she finds a strong home. Likewise Batcheldor.

    Very intrigued to see where Nelson ends up.

    I’ll be shocked if Wood leaves Lightning. She has just retired from internationals so would be an interesting move to leave QLD at this point. Watson and Bruce moving clubs are different scenarios. They are both almost 30 and presumably want to go another cycle with Diamonds. They need to push themselves to keep evolving and hold off the young talent to keep their spots. So I can understand why they would be interested in a change.

    As for the Klau rumour I heard that from someone who used to work at NV. Code wrote that Vixens are interested in Garrett. So something is happening at the Vixens defence end. The more I think about it one of Mannix or Weston must be leaving, maybe to SEN? Eddy is staying. Vixens may just run with 3 defenders next year. Other than Austin Vixens don’t typically recruit big names from interstate. Lewis wasn’t offered a Fever contract when they picked her up. So I suspect Vixens will go with their long used recruiting philosophy of young Victorian talent.

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