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    What is going to be interesting is to see how teams balance their best interests and the wants of their senior players.

    As an example Proud and Hadley share the same manager and they are seeking 3 year contracts for them. Hadley is 31 and Proud is 30 later this year. Sure you would expect they would play through to 34 and 33 respectively but will that be too restrictive to the swifts list. Fraser is 24 and whilst Smith’s injury assisted in her court time at WD surely she wants more at WA and C and then where does that leave say Gorman-Brown who is an exceptional talent.

    Clubs need to be clever about their list management and make sure they have future flexibility.

    Are Vixens going to sacrifice Watson and another senior player or two to retain the young talent they believe could deliver multiple premierships over the next 5-10 years?

    Clubs want to win the premiership in 2024 but also 2026 etc.

    I doubt we will ever find out exactly decisions each club makes in this regard but once we see final team lists some may be clear.

    It could be where Nelson becomes valuable. She is only 24 and exceptional. As a Vixens fan I would be more than happy to have her signed.

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