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    A tough balancing act.

    Also why I suspect we will see more movement or discussions / rumours once the CPA and TPA are signed off. Let’s say Proud is offered one year at Swifts but 3 by Fever, sure she loves the Swifts but surety of 3 years would have to be tempting. To know you could get injured, lose form or have a young player breakthrough but you are contracted for 3 years regardless. With it appearing most likely there will only be 80 contracts for the league for the foreseeable future they aren’t easy to secure.

    The negotiations around tenure of contract is where I think Vixens specifically may lose senior players.

    I can see Gorman-Brown attracting interest from interstate clubs. Then if she knows that Hadley and Proud are at Swifts for at least the next 3 years she knows that limits her opportunities there until she is 26 / 27 ish and makes an interstate move now much more appealing.

    I know clubs are talking tenure and $$ (by using the old cap +\- any change to the cap) already but once players see others sign and on what terms it will make movement more or less likely.

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