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    Graces’ movement was impressive however she can get her feet tied up with eachother at times lol :wacko:

    Ferns attack were literally doing everything not to develop a lead throughout the game wth? Toeava would’ve been perfect tonight and we would’ve won by a heck of a lot more goals than 3 had she been on court. Really hope to see her in January however the ferns coaching staff seem to not like any flare whatsoever! cough cough Tuivaiti.

    Still not sold on the midcourt and it was evident tonight that they aren’t NZs no.1 midcourt. Bring in Toeava for god’s sake. With the other 3 middies being of course Heffernan and then Souness and Maddy. With Reulu-Buchannan being the reserve 5th middie.

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