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    But it’s the same thing for the All Blacks, they could make more money playing overseas. But they’re strict on their rulings for eligibility. Yes I understand the All Blacks would be on much money than netballers, but I do understand from a sponsors view they wouldn’t want their stars playing overseas.

    I am surprised that Ekenasio (who I think has earned the right to) hasn’t made a move to SSN. I can’t remember where I heard it, but I’m pretty sure she mentioned it somewhere how she’d like to play there?

    DNT answered this question on Inside Netball quite well. She said they are open to discussions with players about it. But players need to earn that right, and she referred to Langman and Folau. She spoke about sponsors too, and keep them happy. She also highlighted that Aus have no contracts atm. Her words “we need to be real about that”. In NZ all players have contracts.

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