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    Woohoo, ferns going back to back against a full strength Diamonds is awesome!
    I thought Maddy Gordon was incredible, and we have finally found a C who is equally good on Attack and Defence.
    Nweke is next level, and I think most games from here on in will depend primarily on if Nweke can be contained (or partially atleast). Bruce looked frustrated and needs to come out for more ball higher up the court. when she did it was successful, but i think she gets caught up trying to win the 1on1 battle.
    The energy in defence with KArin and Kelly is fantastic, Kelly seemed more on up and about on her toes than usual.
    I was puzzled by Austin’s reluctence to shoot, because she nails long bombs in SSN. Wonder if Jury was in her head or if she’d been instructed by coaches to work it in closer? I haven’t noticed before how flast and low the release of her shot is…. Jury might trouble her for many years if she doesn’t change her style? Koenan isn’t a GA, so they need to explore more GA options. Missed opportunity.
    Price has grown so much and was very impressive for me.
    The diamonds have worked out how to defend the ferns in the mid court sooo well, it was so laboured and awkward watching the ferns try to reach the attacking third.those are my rambling initial thoughts.

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