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    Thanks for the insights @Maryann. But Toeava would’ve made a world of difference had she been out on court in the con-cup. Pitty the Ferns coaching staff can’t accept her playing style as it doesn’t fit their mould of bumper-cart style of play that doesn’t allow the expression of each player’s strengths. Sorry but if NZ Netball wants the funding and sponsorship, people aren’t going to watch boring netball, they want to watch fast, exciting, no-look passes being bulleted into Nweke from Toeava that no one saw coming. Toeava brings that entertainment x-factor stuff that people want. I don’t want to watch the ferns middies struggle to even make it into the goal-third let alone struggle to feed Nweke at times. How many times have you seen Nweke struggle to bring in so much ball in a game then last night? never because Toeava has that telepathic connection with Nweke. Just look at the outcry in the Ferns comment section from their NWC squad announcement and all the past Ferns players. PETITION FOR TOEAVA TO BE IN THE FERNS TEAM!!!

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