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    Re: Toeava – Diamonds also have some insanely fit change up WD options in Hadley and Moloney if Aryang, JLP etc aren’t working. That’s without going to Weston who can play there too. I just think against that type of opposition if there are fitness issues and loose play it is a big risk, even if there are moments of brilliance. When she played previously, I understand that she met those benchmarks?

    I remember thinking while watching the 4th game that Nweke was allowed to push off more (I didn’t get as close a look in the 3rd game though) and the umpires allowed a bit less physicality. Diamonds seemed to adjust. What did others think?

    Strongly agree Tully about some more GD development rather than just bringing Klau and Bruce forward.

    Where does this series leave Wilson and her role in the SFs?

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