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    In reference to the comments made about Weston, I would have to agree that Jo – though an important and hard-working defender- has turned over ball in fairly crucial matches and in particularly significant phases of these matches (during both SSN and the international calendar). This is not a personal slight – it is highlighting the significance of an effective ball carrier in transition during high pressure moments. She and her fellow defenders also failed to win sufficient ball back in those same matches – and Jo, for all that is excellent about her, was a key part of this. To reference Corletto as similarly guilty of this trait is probably a bit of a stretch, she was also much more adept in terms of being a ball-winning GD, was stronger athletically, was more level-headed in decision making, and offered more interms of leadership on-court and was also pairing with some brilliant GKs in her time. I certainly felt more confident as a fan watching her carrying the ball down court in those crucial matches at international level and for the Vixens.

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