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    Gee Muffie, sorry to hear you’ve has a pretty rough go of it on this trip to Tassie!

    Another point with Dwyer is that she played a lot of her junior netball at GS. She reminds me of Tutaia in that respect, started as a GS and took a long time to settle at GA. Now at the senior level, Dwyer doesn’t play with traditional styles around her, ie Harten who plays a very stop/start short game, Hay who is not a traditional Aussie style of WA and then Price who has only recently mastered C. I’m confident she will get there eventually, and if a player like Bueta returns we may see Dwyer at GS a little more.

    Hopefully she gets the start with Wallam next game so Australia and Dwyer have more of a target in the circle and see how that goes.

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