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    Well, that was a very enjoyable day at the netball. Australia definitely exceeded my expectations (not something I’ll ever be complaining about). Going in to the tournament I was prepared for a 3/4 playoff, and the first game v Jamaica sort of confirmed that. All good thereafter though!

    I had hoped for a good showing from Malawi, as this format does tend to reduce the disadvantage of not being very strong. They, however, still have mountains left to climb.

    Re comments above: Australia’s advantage of playing with the deplorable supershot is in knowing not to use it unless you have to (or just happen to be standing at long range), and in knowing how to prevent opposing shooters from easily accessing the outside shots. Having built an early lead, shoot easy one pointers to maintain it, and force opponents to attempt higher risk shots to close the gap, and rebound well. Sounds easy, but really isn’t. And leaves you open to last minute losses when fortune favours the last minute 6-pointer (cf. game 1 v Jamaica).

    Erwin and Garrett were outstanding in defence. Austin was solid as a target in attack, as were Nweke, Aiken, Levi and Reed (who surely deserved her player of the tournament award). Dwan and Horjus both played exceptionally well, as did Taylor and Mundy who were just too fast for the Kiwi (and most other) midcourters.

    The speed of the game really puts pressure on the umpires, and it was interesting watching them share calls differently to usual to accomodate that speed. (A goal third each and shared centre third, often with one focussing on the goal circle, while the other managed shenanigans around the transverse line.)

    Also, after the year she has had, really pleased to see Nicole Richardson take home a trophy as head coach.

    Overall, a lot of fun. Maybe next year…

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