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    Still just a bad look for the sport from both sides of the table.

    Why does it all have to be public? I know I wouldn’t want my work contract for all to see.
    NA is still apparently in millions of debt, and also apparently SSN runs at a loss every year, so should the players wages be cut if it runs at a loss? Ie reverse revenue sharing lol

    Minimum is 40k for someone to do netball training and basically sit on the bench majority of the year. Yes it’s more involved than that but basically is what it is.

    If it’s in the Diamonds contracts to attend the awards and they were gonna boycott then yes NA has every right to seek legal action. Cause the players would’ve broken a legally binding contract that they signed. That’s what happens in real life and not just a sporting life.

    Too much entitlement flying around from everywhere imo. I can’t go to my boss and say show me all your account books from the work I do for you even though you pay me.

    Smh keep it up netball and there’ll be no more comp, then the players can go back to having to pay to play state league or something.

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