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    @TB I think SCL are definitely stronger.

    I actually think the midcourt is the area with question marks.

    I agree Fretwell – Koenen is a little stale as a combination. Wouldn’t be the most feared combination in the league. Koenen isn’t a SS threat but I rate Batcheldor very highly. She is a SS threat. With good court time she really could push into Diamonds over the next few years. Wonder how many years she signed for? If she doesn’t get court time can see someone else snapping her up. Other than Kumwenda and one of Austin or RAG (depending which one isn’t starting) I don’t think anyone else has a stronger 3rd shooter or more impactful shooter? Batcheldor and Letherbarrow are similar for me.

    I wonder if Fretwell may end up playing quite a bit of WA though. I see Black as a WD option only. Watched her a lot at Sapphire Series in the past and her feeding was always questionable then at ANC last year (before the moon boot) she had no connection to the shooting circle from C. That leaves Cassidy to run C. Will Watson be pushed higher to bring the ball down? Leaving Fretwell to play in her space anyway? In which case they may well move Watson to C and have Mi Mi and Fretwell at WA.

    All very interesting.

    Defensively they are great.

    Definitely one of the favourites. I’d put Swifts if Wallace is back to her best as odds on favourites. Then Lightning, Fever or Vixens.

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