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    They’ve been training Barkmeyer as a WA / GA slide for the last year.

    I think it was Lambden’s choice to take a break. She was a TP with Collingwood for a few years and now Vixens for a few years. Got her SSN debut but never really pushed through. It’s a big commitment for $5k. Maybe she will pop up at Mavs where they have less defenders?

    With the exception of Walters the Fury midcourt wasn’t great at ANC. Walters is the standout young Victorian mid and she has a contract. They’ll have a bunch of the midcourters from the younger age group in Vixens academy. If there is a standout they can be upgraded to TP this year or next.

    The tip is this is MJ’s last season. Andrew will likely get a contract next year but they’re understandably focused on building shooting depth for that reason. Graham has a beautiful shot and is a great choice imo.

    Vixens are playing pre season games in NZ at the end of February against both Mystics and Stars. Plus Ballarat Blitz and TGC. Lots of offical pre season games.

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