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    Catching up on games this morning.

    I think Australia is far ahead of all nations. Possibly Jamaica closest to them. Australia have skill and experience and it is their time. However, not sure if they have a contingency plan when the likes of Bruce, Weston, Klau, Watson, Hadley.

    England have the goods but something about lack of discipline or playing heir final too early. I think they can go toe to toe with Aus on a good day… but sometimes the attack is lazy particularly Cardwell and Metcalf. Very casual stile of play and they all just appear to be watching the ball.

    Nz has a way to go but I think they could be a real threat in the next 2-3 years. I think DNT is the best coach in NZ, but maybe some fresh ideas are needed. I think we are developing and bringing in the next generation and that Will pay off.
    It’s nice to see some serious competition for that GA bib after Meels – with Amo, Tiana and Georgia all competing. Blooding Amo and Georgia was great this series because it will push all three of them to improve and fight for that spot. Mid court similarly – nice to see Souness and MRB have nice moments, with Souness really showing her experience and flair. Earle and Gordon vying for that other mid court spot. Quite disappointed with defence. Karaka is not upto speed and apart from Stythe (Mystics) , not sure who is raising their hands for opportunities.

    I’m not a huge fan of the club combinations. I think they will be entertaining but doesn’t bode well for SF. I’d have liked to see Amo at Mystics, maybe Karin coming back to play with Jury. I think back to how beneficial climb combinations have been for the like likes of McMahon/Cox, Medhurst/Basset, Tuitaia/Van Dyke, Wood/Basset, and now Austin/Garbin. Feel like NNZ should be help nudge players in certain directions to better help the ferns.

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