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    The Diamonds were excellent across the series. Hadley was phenomenal, so impressive to see her keep building her attacking game at this level. Dwyer stepped up big time.

    I am concerned that Watson and Austin seem to still struggle playing together in spite of playing week in week out for 3 years now. Austin plays her best netball with Hadley and Watson plays better with Dwyer/Koenen at GA. Maybe an issue of them both trying to do too much. It’s not exactly going to get better with Watson moving to SCL.

    I’m not that worried about the Diamonds in the future. The shooting circle is deep and young and even if GK depth is a weak spot, there’s a global shortage of tall GKs. Ervin/TOS are better than the tall backup GKs in NZL/England/Jamaica. Dwyer has improved and we have good GA depth in Batcheldor/Horjus/Dwan/Fawns coming through.

    The player I feel most sorry for is Proud, who has just been caught in an amazing generation of midcourters. Australia has always produced such good attacking midcourters. Mundy, Fraser, Williams, Gardner, Miller, Cransberg etc. will all be fighting for Diamonds spots in the future.

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