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    Morning all – first time poster! Just in regards to the Sky Sports clip Ian popped up,I too couldn’t believe the sheer volume of players England have put on court over the last year and half. How are players supposed to be building a consistent brand that stands up to the toughest opponents when players are going in and out of the squad at that rate? That also shows no confidence in a core group of 15 or so players who should be building connection and refining the game plan together over time. It also isn’t building a culture of high performance through pressure in the squad for places and time out on court.

    Australia also deserve some respect for the regeneration performed in the program continually whilst not tolerating any dips in performance along the way. So many of that current group will be going through to the next WC and are young in netball terms and those who are a little bit older (30 or so and still in their prime, but they know they’ll have to work for it I’m sure, no staying still in that group) are playing so well they deserve the opportunity to go forward! Things are managed in such a healthy, structured way in Australia’s program – lots to learn for those chasing I think.

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