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    Also what I find is strange is why have the firebirds lost all the qld talent to the Lightning? Is the culture that bad, is it the mean girls club? They seem very cliquey and if you’re not in the cool group you feel left out?

    Seems there is definitely a culture problem. Leesa Mi Mi and Charlie Bell both bolted the Firebirds system to go over to the Lightning. There aren’t any girls going in the other direction.

    I mentioned Mia Stower. She has no SSN deal this year and is playing for her mother who is a coach at the Bond University Bull Sharks. Her mother had some revealing quotes.

    Bec Stower couldn’t be happier to see her daughter join the Bull Sharks’ squad, especially after such a tumultuous year.

    “Mia has lived and breathed netball for a very long time, she worked so hard, travelled so many kilometres, and shown so much resilience. She has always been a team first player, for way longer than it’s been fashionable I might add! She has sat behind Gretel and watched and learned, waiting for her opportunity. Firebirds was her home and where she wanted to be, so to be told she was no longer required was heartbreaking for her, and very hard for me to watch. She was basically awarded the ‘best human award’ at the Firebirds in 2022, and was named in the leadership team in 2023, so she was primed and ready to make her mark on Super Netball in 2024. But sport can be so brutal. It just wasn’t meant to be.”

    She says Mia’s arrival at Bond played out very differently to how people might assume.

    “To be honest I didn’t even know if she would play netball anymore. That’s how upset she was [after the Firebirds delisted her]. But I gave her space to self-reflect and work out what was important to her. She decided that she just wanted to be close to family to help get her mojo and love for the game back.”

    Being proximate to family was one thing, but her final playing destination was still far from certain.

    “I assumed Mia would head back to Brisbane North Cougars for the 2024 season even though I did jokingly pull the ‘but I gave birth to you!’ card!” she says.

    “Mia previously found her netballing home at Cougars and I credit her ability to take the next step to the Firebirds to Liz White and Amanda Vanderwal, her coaches there.”

    The Firebirds seem more interested in bringing girls home to Queensland who had already left – Rav, Tippah – than developing the plentiful young talent already available locally. Losing both Mi Mi girls is a red flag for me – Leesa would rather sit behind Liz Watson than compete for an in theory easier starting spot at Firebirds?

    The Firebirds should sack the entire front office and hand the team over to Cougars coach White. With seventeen premierships in twenty three years and a development record like the one I’ve mentioned I think she’d have brought success years ago. The current Firebirds administration is massively underachieving and there is no legitimate reason why that should be happening.

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