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    DNT mentioned that in her 2 yr deal, if she hasn’t won anything her contract will be over. I like that!

    I don’t buy into “pacific players” have issues with fitness because of genetics. I think that’s an excuse to not be fit or meet fitness standards. Hard work beats natural talent. And how do you know Wallam wouldn’t meet fitness standards? I think it’s funny you single out the one player who is a GS, tall and has a solid build. Davu is a prime example of hard work. She was in phenomenal form, fitness wise, from 2003-2007. She is the reason I never felt sorry for Cath Latu, whenever she would use her size as an excuse.

    there’s a reason why Aus have won so many WC and CWG Gold. They have the highest of standards. They are the bench mark! I get we, NZ, have our own style and flair. But winning a WC once every 16yrs shows is not all about flair, and our “own style” is not consistent enough.

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