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    For me, the issues are:

    1) losing mindset – this manifests in the Ferns accepting defeat more readily than they should. If she wants to treat the Nations Cup etc as training games, fine, then bring home the CWG/World Cup at the end of the cycle! She failed at both.
    2) ANZP losing pace with the SSN and maybe even SL with the lack of quality imports. A wider NNZ problem. I’m ok with the fitness standards and however the skill level seems to be subpar. Allowing NZ players to play, or even train, in the SSN will be beneficial as long as the ANZP is not gutted to do so.
    3) Her recent coaching strategies have resulted in a boring, one-dimensional game that is easy to pick apart and doesn’t utilise the flair of players in the way great NZ teams have done in the past (including her WC winning team)
    4) dropping/not investing in players who have performed well internationally when they slightly stumble – Poi, Toeava, Wilson (after winning the CC) and Metuarau come to mind. I think MRB will be in the same boat soon

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