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    Full time: Mystics 61-52

    Namana 33/33 (100%)
    Heffernan 14/20 (70%)
    O’Connell 5/6 (83%)

    Nweke 48/52 (92%)
    Vui 9/9 (100%)
    Glen 4/5 (80%)

    Gains: MYS 15-10
    Intercepts: STE 8-6
    Penalties: MYS 54-45
    Turnovers: STE 20-19

    POTM: Grace Namana (Steel)

    A solid win for Mystics. They were in control for most of the game. Phoenix Karaka on fire for them. Some really encouraging signs for Steel too. Grace Namana was terrific. Jen O’Connell went down with an injury at the end, but she seemed to be okay postmatch.

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