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    I agree that the Magic tightened up in the end. Watson absolutely shut down Tui in the first half however the Magic were able to use ball-speed and angles to get Tui into the game. Takarangi will surely be recalled into the Ferns if she can keep up this performance – but will her height rule her out of the Ferns inevitably? Otherwise, I thought it was an outrageous send-off of O’Brien at the end there! If anything, Lokotui was the one causing the dangerous play with her (successful) intercept.

    A really great round of games, with turnovers being caused by pressure rather than unforced errors. Noticing the Pulse, Mystics and Tactix seem to be employing more one-on-one defense, especially in the midcourt. I’m all for teams bringing in experienced ‘ring-ins’ as it improves the quality of the league – if newcomers are good enough, they will break through.

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