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    What is wrong with Dwan’s knee? Very heavy strapping each week. She started the season well but was comprehensively outplayed by Weston last week and then looked like she had no confidence this week.

    What is going on with FBs coaches? Nourse and Dever don’t give the players anything. Bulley speaks but without value. I love RBD as a player but last night was one of her worst games. She was lost. She wasn’t tagging the GA and was just dropping to space but not covering anything. She needed help so Bulley just asks her what she thinks is working?!? Then Kamo gets taken off despite being so close to so many balls, maybe she just needed some coaching guidance on positioning, stay off body more and give herself a chance to get up? Rav as captain and WD was silent in the timeouts. I can’t imagine Parmenter or Moloney as WDs would just stand around and say nothing in the timeout, they brain storms ideas and come up with a strategy to help their circle out.

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