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    Despite having a Fever preference Gaudion is a very good commentator. She focuses on the game and doesn’t seem to miss much at all.

    Finnan White is incredibly biased and often tongue tied. It’s painful.

    Cox is biased to NSW teams. At times she can be insightful but she can also just be ridiculous in her personal opinions. The main issue with her commentary for me is she gets distracted and misses things. Eg, Vixens and Swifts game Eddy was hobbling around for 3-4 minutes and telling Weston to go for the CPR then when she dropped a ball because she could not push off any power in her leg Cox simply says oh straight through the hands of Eddy and thinks they are choosing to move Weston to WD strategically. It was Nexhip that pointed out Eddy was injured.

    Chatfield and Bassett are exactly the same. Too busy talking and not paying attention to the game. Gaudion shushed Bassett the other night so she could hear what the umpire was saying to Dehaney

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