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    I’m normally a massive fan of Cath Cox. But her biased opinion on the Giants/Lightning game was very annoying.

    Generally Cox, Sue G, Maddi Browne, Chatfield tend to say it how it is. Off the top of my head, in a preseason game, Chatfield asked the question (to Coxy, I think) why Olivia Wilkinson gets over looked by both Melb teams? Yet at ANL level she dominates. I LOVE that!

    Dylan is really good, I’d like to see him be lead (if he hasn’t already). In the past I like Geitzy and Ellis. Add in Josie Janz and Medhurst I think they do solid jobs. I really Trumpf commentating too.

    Green, McMahon (I know she hasn’t done it in a while) and Finnan I struggle to listen to. Green isn’t as bad, but they either take too long to explain or get tongue-tied.

    Like most have said, SFB is soo good!

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