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    As soon as I saw them come out with Garbin at GA and Austin GS I knew they’d fall apart. Hasn’t worked in any attempt to try that before. If they wanted Garbin out I would have out Andrew on at GS.

    Mannix is in phenomenal form. Was fairly clear they needed her on Koenen. Ellis was either lost and nowhere or stuck on Koenen’s body and unable to get up to compete in the air. Weston was the best option in WD of what they tried so why not out Coffey on at GD as most of the time she would have had Batcheldor against her who took quite awhile to settle. Moloney is not a WA and should never be used there. Every time Barkmeyer has been called on as a TPshe has performed and would have been a far superior WA option.

    But seriously commentators ask when Walters will be back?! Add her in and there midcourt allows Moloney back to WD.

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