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    Not surprised. A disastrous tenure, where Bulley literally has literally wasted years. Not one of her players has improved significantly under her tutelage. Results have been dire. The ugly departures of Sara Francis-Bayman and Mia Stower hinted at real problems under the surface with Bulleys personality and approach.

    Those hints proven correct in sensational fashion. Netball doesn’t do mid season firings normally otherwise I would have predicted this on here. But if you go rewatch the Thunderbirds win you’ll see where I’m coming from – I thought she was incredibly tense and coaching for ger job that night.

    Stupidly I assumed that meant coaching for next year, I didn’t realize Bec has become a week to week proposition. The strange absence of Dwan and Dunkley from the starting lineup was a big hint. Gretel Bueta in a throwaway interview sort of gave an insight into the level of disconnect.

    They said family emergency, but I found her absence the other week very convenient too.

    I’ve posted elsewhere here how badly run the Firebirds are. Feel no joy in being proved so firmly correct. A legacy of absolutely nothing, no development and broken strained relationships. Firebirds fans deserve far better.

    The same fools who hired Bulley will choose her replacement. Firebirds netball is going nowhere very very fast.

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