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    I agree on the Fowler comment benmac – while she will always be the main shooter, when she also is pretty much the only shooter, even she has her limits – they can’t rely on her to do everything, all the shooting, having to go for the supershots to get them back in the game, and also do all the rebounding, and having to do all that at the same time as being double teamed most of the time – she is still only human – and it really annoyed me with the commentators making such a big deal over her turnovers (2!!!!) Beckford was good in the first round of games, but it didn’t take much for the teams to work out how to mark her out of the game, so Dan either needs to have more faith in Wilkinson (who is only going to improve with more court time), or use ATN and have Browne at WA. But it was really good to see Firebirds happy, what ever the issues were it really must’ve taken it’s toll on everyone – to see Kim Rav in tears (among a number of others) after the game spoke volumes.

    Mavs seem to be a far more settled team without Cardwell – both in the combo sense, and just getting on and doing their jobs without the drama

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