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    Awful game by the Mystics. Definite weaknesses in a couple of areas, namely GS and circle defence. Karaka didn’t do much in this game either. Some of the blame for this loss must lie with the Mystics coach’s substitutions. Playing so many players out of position. Whoever heard of putting a 6ft WD on at C? I’ve never seen that done anywhere before. I thought Rob Wright sounded quite credible in his analysis of what was going wrong. Is he having any input into the Mystics subs? I don’t believe so. Game was over by half time. This sort of game is a good example of why the Nz league needs a two point shot to stop the blowouts.

    Tui is definitely a good pickup for the Magic. Bring on their next games against the Pulse and Tactix.

    As far as bonus points go I think they are a ridiculous idea. You either won the game or you didn’t. The Stars should be on zero points for zero wins!!

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