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    So much talk on here on how Mystics played terrible. How about Magic played bloody AMAZING!
    All throughout the court every player were dominating their opposite. I think the moving circle really confused the Mystics defence. Personally I would have put Johnson in at GD, moved Karaka back to GK. They needed a more tagging-type defender on Ekenasio.
    I am an ACD fan, so I was happy to see her get the start and play a full game. Erena Mikaere is having a stand out season and her combination with Takarangi and Edgecombe has become a huge force.

    I was hugely impressed with MSB at C. I didn’t realise it was her there. She ran really well against ACD, who is a lot shorter and very fast. Could actually see her and Toeava combining well.

    Really happy for Magic. But if Mystics get Nweke/Toeava back, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them back in the top 3 and competing for the title.

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