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    What about Kayla Johnson not even turning up to Comm Trials and getting selected still! Hahaha what a joke. Doubt she had to do the fitness test. She only played half games that season as well. I thought Manu’a should’ve gone instead of her. And Ekenasio should’ve gone instead of Mes who didn’t play the last couple of games anyway so not sure why her fitness would’ve affected the squad since Mes didn’t even contribute to the last couple of games due to her inability to get the ball through the hoop. Just some of the bizzare decisions made by Noeline. Oh what about her ambition for Fitzpatrick to be a GD! Hahaha that didn’t work out as expected. And Maia Wilson and Fitzpatrick starting against JAM in the semi finals. If Marinkovich made these decisions she would’ve been sacked after the Comm Games!

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