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    @museboy I like your selections. I’m not completely sold on Metuarau yet. If she can stay consistent with form etc, then I’d keep her.

    If I was Salmon and wanting to break into the Ferns, I’d truly consider going to Mystics next year. Playing a season at GA with Nweke, will show the selectors what she’s capable of. We all know she can hold her own at GS but her GA game may need work. IMO Mystics can afford to drop one of Glen or Vui.
    If we go by history, Nweke seems to get injured during a season. Which will allow Salmon to drop back to GS and work with Vui (or Glen).

    Tactix – Bird TPSR
    Steel – Dunn Heffernan or Namanu
    Pulse – Walmsley Metuarau (they should keep Salmon over Walmsley)
    Magic – Tui Ekenasio
    Stars – Wilson Malesala
    Mystics – Nweke Salmon

    All 6 GSs will be genuine options for Ferns, as will all 6 GAs.

    IF Pulse keep Salmon, Walmsley should go to Stars and pair up with Wilson.

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