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    Graces knees are pretty much wrecked so I do wonder how much longer she will be able to play for without great management/strengthening. Something about patella tendonitis I think it is so they require careful management. I don’t know why they are not strapped as if she takes a knock (like against Singapore) or lands awkwardly then she’s off for weeks.

    Tui can play GA, she played near a season for the Mystics in the role and she was impressive. I think it might have been as a replacement for Mes, otherwise she would have sat on the bench most of the season. When Mes returned the following season Tui moved on. Since then she has really worked on fitness and I think she is a better option than Metuarau because she will go to the hoop way more.

    Im expecting Bird to go back to her day job after the finals.

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