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    I’m really not a fan of having the two point shot in play for the entire game. 5 minutes is enough per quarter for me.

    I would hate to see in game video review. One of the things that I love about netball is that the game just keeps moving. It would also be so hard to figure out where to draw lines as to when or for what a review is allowed. There are so many decisions in every single game and there are always errors, how do you pick which ones are corrected?

    I think the idea of having umpires review a particular snippet of footage in the very short break between quarters is unfair on the umpire. So a snippet might show that they got something wrong, which they cannot correct. Is that really useful when they’ve just made 15 minutes of decisions. It could make for all sorts of unwanted outcomes:
    – undermining umpire confidence
    – creating a particular element of the game that they are actively looking for, rather than calling the game as they see it
    – creating an undue focus on a particular player
    Also reviewing video footage from whatever camera angles are available is different to what the umpire sees from their perspective. The camera isn’t always the best view of what happens either.

    I don’t necessarily object to the capacity for review if the umpire thinks a player should be sent off, but I am very hesitant about seeing it anywhere else.

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