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      Okay, here we are. Sorry, it’s taken so long.

      Welcome to FN for 2018. Something real different this year. I’ve decided to combine Suncorp Super netball and the ANZ Premiership in the one game. This won’t be easy. But it gives us more players to choose from. Last year was a bit underwhelming because of the smaller number of players to choose from in each comp compared to the previous ANZ Championship.


      Check out the player price list at the bottom of this post. Then, working within a salary cap of $1,000,000, choose a squad of 14 players. In the price list, each player has a position next to their name. Take note of that when picking your squad. Your squad must consist of 2 players for each position. 2 GSs, 2 GAs, 2 WAs etc etc.

      Within this squad of 14, you then have to choose your team of 10 to play for you in each round. You do this by first choosing your starting 7 (GS, GA, WA, C, WD, GD, GK). Then you add 1 bench player for each section. Your shooter on the bench can be either GA or GS, your midcourt bench player can be either WD, C or WA and your defence bench player can be either GD or GK.

      So now you have a starting 7, as well as 3 bench players and 4 extended squad members. From your starting 7, you now have to choose a captain and vice-captain.

      To submit your team, please send it to me by PM, listing your players, their positions & their prices, make sure you make it clear who is in your starting team, then your bench players, then your extended squad members and don’t forget to pick a captain & vice-captain.


      Making trades is probably the most important part of the game. Buying and selling particular players at just the right time and price can give you a big advantage over the rest. Everybody is allowed a maximum of 2 trades each week and a maximum of 20 trades throughout the season. Each week you can freely move players from the extended squad to the team of 10 and vice versa. That is not counted as a trade. A trade is only when you sell one of your 14 players and buy a new player.


      A player’s price doesn’t change until they’ve played 3 games. Once a player has played their 3rd game, then their price will change to coincide with a pricing formula which takes into account a player’s previous price and also their current form.


      All of your 7 starting players’ scores are counted as well as the 2 highest scores of your 3 bench players. If one of your starting players doesn’t play for some reason, then all 3 of your bench players’ scores will be counted.

      Your captain’s score will be doubled, unless she doesn’t play in which case your vice captain’s score will be doubled instead.

      On a few occasions this season, some teams will play 2 games in the one round. If you have a player from one of these teams, you will only get their highest score from the two games, not both scores added together.

      This enquiry will probably come up (it usually does) so I’ll answer it now… It doesn’t matter where a player actually plays during the season, for the purposes of this game, you go by the position I’ve put next to them. So if I’ve listed a player at GA and they play GS all season, that doesn’t matter, you still get whatever points they score and they continue to be listed at GA in our game.

      There are some minor changes with the scoring system this year. Here it is…

      Playing bonuses:
      10 points for every player who gets on court during the game
      6 points for every quarter where a player plays wing defence

      Goals = +2 points
      Misses = -2 points
      Offensive rebounds = +2 points
      Assists = +3 points
      For every 2 feeds = +1 point
      Bad passes = -4 points
      Bad hands = -4 points
      For every 2 CPRs = +1 point

      Gains = +2 points
      Intercepts = +8 points
      Deflections = +8 points
      Defensive rebounds = +8 points
      Pickups = +8 points
      For every 2 penalties = -1 point

      Unfortunately, SSN and ANZP don’t perfectly coincide. There are a few weeks where only one competition is played, so here is a guide to how we’re going to play it…

      FN Round 1 – SSN round 1 & 2, ANZP round 1
      FN Round 2 – SSN round 3, ANZP round 2
      FN Round 3 – SSN round 4, ANZP round 3
      FN Round 4 – SSN round 5, ANZP round 4
      FN Round 5 – SSN round 6, ANZP round 5 & 6
      FN Round 6 – SSN round 7, ANZP round 7
      FN Round 7 – SSN round 8, ANZP round 8
      FN Round 8 – SSN round 9, ANZP round 9
      FN Round 9 – SSN round 10, ANZP round 10
      FN Round 10 – SSN round 11, ANZP round 11
      FN Round 11 – SSN round 12, ANZP round 12
      FN Round 12 – SSN round 13 & 14, ANZP round 13


      PLAYER LIST https://fantasynetballblog.wordpress.com/2018/04/21/2018-fn-round-1-prices/

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