2020 SSN ROUND 11 – THUNDERBIRDS v FIREBIRDS2020-09-08T14:07:11+10:00
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      A captain-coach?! I never understood how that would work and the dynamics of it. I know recently it occurred in the super league but I don’t know much about it

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        Me neither, I thought last season C was the Tbirds greatest weakspot, and still was until Nankivell took over. I think the Tbirds struggle when Nankivell isn’t on as C or WA.

        The commentator clearly has no knowledge about international players, Guscoth has played WD for England plenty of times.

        However, it’s so nice to see Tbirds and Fbirds doing better.

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          Nankivell may have played at WD a lot last year but for me she looks far more comfortable at C and WA. She reminds me a bit of Hadley: strongest in the middle but quite serviceable on the wings. I don’t really see Petty as a 60 minute player at this level, at least not yet.

          Horjus has locked down that GA position and it seems like Obst wants to leave Potgieter out there to work through her issues. There were a number of times that Glasgow could have theoretically come on but I get the feeling that Obst sees Potgieter/Horjus as the combo to build the attacking line around for future seasons. Glasgow has pretty much been a super shot impact player. I’d like to see her move, there are a few clubs that I can imagine would be quite interested. It would be nice to see her somewhere where both her GS and GA games can be fostered, kind of like Garbin at the Swifts. Maybe Collingwood? Lightning?

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            The TBirds have turned into the biggest disappointment of the season for me. I said earlier in the thread Nankivell needs to be de eloped as the C, Petty just isn’t there. Nankivell should be in the Diamonds squad in a year or two.

            As for Glasgow I agree she probably needs to move clubs but there aren’t a lot of shooting openings. I’d expect Medhurst will return to Collingwood and I would love Allen to be retained as well. Glasgow probably could sneak a spot at Fever but would be doing a lot of bench sitting. I suppose if Philip retires there will be a Vixens opportunity but with the genuine lack of options for the young shooters they should be able to take their pick of the youngsters.

            I agree with the sentiment that the Firebirds defenders are too reckless for Diamonds st this stage. WAy too many undisciplined penalties. Weston and Turner (at her best) are easily the top GDs in Australia. You can’t protect your GK and build pressure when you are standing out of play. I’d rank Eddy ahead of Jenner in the pecking order for that reason. It’s about the team effort and working together.

            Du okey was outstanding in the first half and I love seeing players take opportunities. But in the second half she was not hitting circle edge and seemed to lose her confidence on the feed after Sterling disrupted a few. That’s what made me wonder if Mi Mi was injured as otherwise I thought she may have come on.

            I wonder if Cassidy could be a bolter for the diamonds squad? Probably not but o my cause of the depth in the midcourt. It’s great to see her playing so well after her ACL.

            I have said it before but I really hope game day squads of 12 are retained. We used to have this in prior comps. Of course budgets are a ga tot in terms of travelling costs etc but I’m not asking fir additional contracts. Continue to use the TP process.

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              Okay so clearly Medhurst won’t be back at Collingwood!

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                Reading that made me laugh Tully! I agree about Glasgow, she’s too good not to be playing. I think she should have been swapped with Poitgeiter more in that game but I understand they want to build a partnership.

                This commentating was painful, the guy doesn’t have a clue about netball. And Michelle DD claims to be an expert and then says Dunkley is a shooter too and it’s strange seeing Guscoth at WD? It’s really not strange to see her at WD ??‍♀️
                They’ll think they did a good job as they didn’t butcher as many names this week. Also the cringe bit at the end was strange when she was almost jumping up and down because she got the tip right. It was a 50:50 guess, seriously?
                I also agree about Petty, she’s been inconsistent and I’m constantly looking to the bench. For me the best line up is Maisie in C but I think in the future it could be Williams C and Maisie WA. I think at the moment they need Pitmans experience at WA to start the game but I’ve really enjoyed seeing the Williams Maisie Horjus link.
                I would love to see Cobden back in the team next year as an England supporter but you only have to look at a team like Magpies or Swifts to see how much talent has come from SA and therefore I do think they should bring through some of their young talent and try not to lose it to other teams.

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                  I feel like there shouldn’t be much question around what the best Thunderbirds line-up is. For me it is easily:
                  GS Potgieter
                  GA Horjus
                  WA Pitman
                  C Nankivell
                  WD van der Merwe
                  GD Guscoth
                  GK Sterling

                  With Glasgow being a good impact player in GS/GA, Petty being a good impact player in WA/C and Shimmin coming on in the power5. As soon as I saw Petty in the starting line-up for T’birds, I knew they weren’t going to have a good start, I get that she is a co-captain though, but still. And why was Pitman off for practically the whole game?

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                    Tom Rehn: “it’s squeaky bum time” (4th q) – wtf does this mean?

                    Female commentator – “what was Aiken doing? why wouldn’t she take the 1?” – ummmm she’s running the clock down to help her team win the game, surely you can understand this as an expert of the game?!???

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                      I’ve seen/heard that expression only a couple of times before. Really had no idea what it meant, but I think it just means that it’s tense, exciting, close???

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