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  • Ian Harkin
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    And there it is. 35 turnovers for Magpies beats their own record of 34 from round 9 this year. Still 4 min left!

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    Maweni will spoil Koenen’s party and be MVP in front of Koenen’s home crowd.

    Congrats to QLD for enabling the 2020 SSN season to go ahead at all ….. and to have games in other places besides Brisbane.

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    Really uninteresting match in the end. Magpies attack was just painful to watch. Some amazing defensive plays (especially from Maweni and Bragg) but overall just super scrappy. Wood and Koenen stood up well when it mattered but Scherian and Langman need to lift going into finals.

    Ian Harkin
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    Lightning 63-Magpies 53

    Koenen 41/45 (91%)
    Wood 10/12 (83%)
    Proscovia 8/9 (89%)

    Nelson 40/44 (91%)
    Sinclair 10/15 (67%)
    Allen 0/1 (0%)

    Super shots: Wood 4/5, Sinclair 3/6, Allen 0/1
    Assists: Wood 21
    Gains: Maweni 9

    MVP: Maweni

    Lightning not great. Pies worse!

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    Wright’c coaching is so frustrating. Allen should be getting so much more court time. Sinclair cans ink a few long bombs but her court play leaves a lot to be desired. Having an 18 year old Allen come on for the power plays and expecting her to save the day is ridiculous. The defence end must be spewing, they turn the ball over a lot and it just gets thrown away.

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    Magpies played well last year when Wright was away and the Pies weren’t constantly calling time outs.

    Zara Collings
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    Do we know whether Rob is contracted for another year? Surely he can stay on in some coaching capacity but it does seem like the shake-up for the Pies has to be with the coach and not the players – they do have the talent it’s just not being managed properly.

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    Wright frustrates me and it seems the players as well. I’m noticing a lot this year he is talking to them and they are ignoring him or having a different conversation with someone else

    Think his time is up at Magpies

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    I think he just needs some guidance Or mentoring on how to focus his thoughts and communicate them more effectively because he does have a great mind when it comes to the game, but he struggles to communicate concisely

Viewing 9 posts - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)
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