2020 SSN ROUND 2 – FIREBIRDS v VIXENS2020-08-08T11:16:21+10:00
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      I feel like Aiken shouldn’t really be on the court at all. She wasn’t really up to standard last year but was kept on court because of how well she assisted Tippett, but without her I think that Venter should get the starting spot. I think at one point Stower and Aiken were on court during the Power 5 which just didn’t make sense to me at all. At this stage, I think they really need to stick with a 7 of Venter/Dwan/Cassidy/Mi Mi/Simpson/Jenner/Hinchliffe for an extended period of time and try and build some combinations.

      I would like to see Defenders really try and defend the top of the circle and force two point shots closer to the sideline. I haven’t seen any stats on it, but it seems players are far more hesitant to take the super shots from the sideline area and their percentages have been far lower (plus worse rebounding).

    Viewing 31 post (of 31 total)
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