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      The two WAs at GA (Kara and Sounness) were really good picks for their team and I think we can expect to see a lot of them there during the ANZP proper.

      I think Kara will really give Cbass space to own the circle, and I was impressed with Kolose in her cameos at WA. Also Edgecumbe at WD looks hungry for game time so I think that could work.

      For the Pulse, similar re Souness and for mine Lokotui appears ready to run with that WD bib. Feels like Eke has some ongoing niggles and she needs to be wrapped up in cotton wool! I’d also be stoked with Souness in the circle as would give Gordon more time at WA. Imagine the speed of Kersten, Gordon and Souness darting around that goal third.

      Stars were very impressive. Harrison hasn’t lost anything – skill or competitiveness!

      Tactix have the ingredients to do well. I would be playing Hannah Glen at GA if TPSR misses the start of the season. Wasn’t impressed with Prosser tbh.

      I’m a Steel fan from the Sting days and I think they’ll struggle to keep in touch with the leaders but I’m intrigued by the potential of a Heffernan, Saunders, Metuarau and Fisher front line. Although think Heffernan’s presence may be needed more in WD to help prop up the defensive end.

      Also where was Ioane for the Mystics? Hoping she’s not injured?

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        I was shocked how good Souness played at GA. So much speed and really led the attack end. It was quite astounding. Did she play much in the circle as a junior?

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          Souness made the switch at high school and was picked for the NZSS side as a midcourter.

          I think her speed, combined with Gordon and Kersten could run rings around a lot of defensive combinations.

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            Was Faka one of the 5 that got sent home from the Ferns camp?
            She does look really out of shape. I thought there was a number of players, from various teams, that looked out of shape. I find that interesting, as Noeline has upped the fitness standards at Ferns level.
            Compare this to the SSN league, where you’d really struggle to find any player not looking fit.

            I’ve always been a fan of Grace Kara at GA. She has that Belinda Colling style. Her playing GA could be her best chance of ever making the Ferns again.

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              Not a fan of Gordon at WD, much prefer her at WA. Would love to see Ekenasio at GS with Souness at GA at some point.

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