2021 ANZP ROUND 10

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  • thunder123
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      Think Bassett’s impact on games is minimal now and would rather see them chase another player.
      What about Williams?

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        CBass is still a strong GS, and surrounded by the right players, can still dominate.

        Actually I’ve changed my mind about Semple (kind of). I would implement a fitness standard that needs to be met, before making the team. Just like the Silverferns.

        Magic is the only team that is carrying unfit players. I feel that is partly the reason why they are at the bottom.

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          ‘Disappointed Mes hasn’t stepped up as the Pulse defence are dropping two back.’

          Unsure what’s going on, had hoped Rob Wright would be fantastic. He’s well thought of by team. But yeah. :unsure:

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            CBass can still dominte…. the issue is feeders don’t give her the ball soon enough.
            She is open for the feed all the time but the vision and quality of feed going into her is sub par.
            I expected Grace to be great at this but have even found at times that she doesn’t look in and give it to CBass.

            This was the same issue CBass faced at Giants. She was often free but the ball wasn’t given to her….Perhaps coz Giants don’t have a natural WA.
            She also needs a play making GA out in front of her who would set her up…. like a Steph Wood or a Georgie Horjus.
            There os a reason why CBass dominated with Medhurst out in front.

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              Minkie I think Bailey thrives when she’s the target at the back and has that good support around her and the ball being delivered.

              In this current Mystics set-up her feeding game is fine, but the shooting not so much.

              I think a change of team and a move to playing GA could be invigorating for her. Easier said than done as Bailey seems quite settled in AKL.

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                I think Bassett is done. Sad to say, but even in the CC it was evident she isn’t easy to find anymore. If the best WA in Watson struggles to find you, there’s something badly wrong. She needs specialist coaching from Irene or Vicki Wilson. Because her movement is quite horrible these days. Her holds are getting undone because defenders are moving around her and forcing her into bad angles.

                Great game by the Tactix! It’s time to make their run now! Been fluffing around a bit, but this was a great performance by them.

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                  Agree re. Bassett – she is very rarely available and won’t shoot anything from mid range like she used to. She looked very proppy on that knee before last night’s injury anyway. The Magic look better with a Semple/Williams circle.

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                    Some of the passing into CBas last night was awful, Burger had a field day.
                    Magic need a good clean out, but who is going to go and play for them, I know there is the salary cap, but a lot of players seem happy and settled at their current teams.

                    There are ways to keep the top players, Tactix have 3 current Ferns, might end up with 4 or 5 of them.

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                      I think the Magic have struggled as they’ve had key players underperform due to injury (Bassett, Kara), lack of conditioning (Fakahokotau, Semple) and I think they are short one gun defender (which would have been Fowler). I don’t think Bassett will stay another year in NZ, I think they’d be better off getting Potgeiter (who is not setting the world in fire in the SSN this year) and Falkner back.

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                        If CBass doesn’t return, I’d like to see Mes head over to Magic.
                        All teams, except Steel, will have NZ GS/GA.

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                          Re Magic, you are all right on all counts IMO.

                          Magic needs a complete revamp. We haven’t really been competitive in the ANZP since it’s inception.

                          I don’t think Cbass will stay. She doesn’t seem to be enjoying it and she doesn’t have her dogs.

                          Sorry to say this but I think Metcalfe needs to go (yes I have been saying it for a while) IMO they team haven’t moved forward and players aren’t developing. We’ve lost Mather, Faulkner, Jury, Lenize and Sinclair since she took over.

                          We need to do something, we don’t seem to be moving forward

                          Avatar photoIan Harkin
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                            George Fisher is out of the next round.

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                              No surprises that Fisher is out. It was a very nasty moment.

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                                Unlucky for the Steel. Real opportunity for the Magic to capitalise on a different starting 7.

                                Also an opportunity for Metuarau to shine and hold her own.

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                                  Due to Wellington moving to Level 2, the Pulse game this weekend will be without crowds.

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