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      I was hoping it would be on the streaming site, but not there yet.

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        I watched it. Great interviews with the old commentators like Kath Harby Williams. But it was really focused on the commentators of the last 15 years. Some flashbacks of top 5 games and monumental moments. Magic winning the ANZC, Steel beating Pulse at the death. Beating England semi, and final. Jenny Wyllie came on and talked about the new vision for the Ferns etc…

        It was a bit boring if I’m being honest. But a good Monday night doco.

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          You not missing much if you don’t get to see it.
          Goran who knows nothing about Netball hosted it, along with Courtney.
          They chatted to Anna Stanley and Jenny Woods, who were joined via zoom with Kath Harby-Williams (from Melbourne).
          Then they had Rikki Swanell talk to Jennie Wyllie (boss of NNZ and Sophie ?? (boss of sky NZ).
          Sophie has plans for 2022 and beyond to get more fans to the game, Rikki said if it involves the 2 point shot, then she is outta here. I’m worried what Sophie sky boss has planned, anyway will deal with that later in the year.
          Then they showed top 5 Ferns moments.
          Then I got bored and stopped watching.

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            Thanks for the heads up. Sounds like that show here on the SSN 2020 season they had on in Oz a while ago. People got so bored, no-one commented on here on the last episode.

          Viewing 4 posts - 46 through 49 (of 49 total)
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