2021 Cadbury Netball Series – NZ v NZ Men’s Invitational team

2021 Cadbury Netball Series – NZ v NZ Men’s Invitational team2021-09-12T11:05:46+10:00

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    @nate agree, although I have to say Nweke’s shot has changed a little since she’s been working with Noels this year – so hopefully that will keep improving – still so young – kinda like a baby giraffe learning how to use it’s long leavers!!!! and I really hope she doesn’t end up like Romelda!!

    I also think Maia needs to work on hers – something has changed in the past year, she looks very stiff/awkward and it’s translating into not great shooting – not sure if it’s mental or working with a new body shape that she’s still getting used to

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    Noels said something about a Quad series, I know the Ferns have MIQ spots booked for end of January (and before anyone goes why they get special treatment), they have been booked for quite sometime.

    So maybe something in England in Jan. They have a comp covid permitting in November. I’d expect Jane to be back by then.

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    Thanks for the update McLeod :) If I had input to the decisions I would recommend that those players from Northland, Auckland and Waikato remain outside these regions – getting them out for a training camp in the current situation would be a no no.
    There is a Herald article which I cant post the link to today about the Cadbury series.

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    Wouldn’t it be great if the Ferns can play the NZ men again next year between the ANZP season and the CWGs.

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    Yes def, full strength ferns versus full strength men would be super beneficial like the previous years. Even though they train against each other behind closed doors, bringing it out for public to see makes it so much better and gives that proper match intensity and also with a crowd.

    Kerryn, yes Maias shot has been so awkward this year here shot during the Con Cup was so fluid and had more wrist flick, now she’s gone back to her old shot ie 2 years ago where it’s very stiff and she jumps a little during the release. Can always tell a shooters shot is off when it drops short a lot.

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    I don’t think it really matters who scores. If you have a dominant GS who is slotting 50+ goals, then so be it. Big events have been won with dominating GSs.
    However I think it’ll be ideal (and probably strongly preferred) to having a GA who is willing to go to the post.
    If Ekenasio comes back fit and in the same form, pre bubs, we could possibly have one of the most dangerous shooting combinations – Nweke/Ekenasio.

    I still wouldn’t count out players like Bailey Mes or Falkner. They both will be playing alongside these two players week-in-week-out.

    IMO I’d take Kelly Jury. I feel her height is intimidating enough. Yes I agree, it’ll be nice to see her jump etc, but I feel she’d be very handy to have on the bench. Her strengths is very different to any other GK.

    Out of the defender returnees (provided they come back fully fit). I’m going to go with Karaka to take one of those spots.

    For the midcourt, I think Crampton and Saunders have secured their spots. But honestly, I have NO IDEA who else is going to fill the other two spots. Like I know Noels has been using Kersten a lot…………….but I can also see her dropping her for CWGs. And even though Poi doesn’t seem in favour, I can also see her being selected for the team. We saw it with Rore back in 2019.

Viewing 6 posts - 226 through 231 (of 231 total)
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