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  • al_ex
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    I really want to see Moloney at WD at some point. I’ve always thought she is much stronger there and she offers much better drive into attack than say Weston or Simpson. A line of Koenen/Austin/Watson/Price/Moloney/Weston/Bruce could be great for today’s game with Ekenasio out.

    Andrew Kennedy
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    I don’t think Aus played BADLY, it’s just that they were patchy, and they had some weaknesses – Bassett passing balls out when in good range, Austin’s turnovers (she has often had high turnover counts), brain explosion passes to the shooter from the centre third by defenders. I always say that each player has two main problems, and if you fix those two for all seven on court, you will likely win.

    So getting Austin to only throw those sizzling feeds when her feet are planted, rather than on the move, that’s one. More aggressive rebounding from our shooters will help. Generally more tenacity and striving for the loose balls, pulling the ball in more aggressively when in possession. Slightly better accuracy for Austin but hey 18/24 is fine enough. Defending at 3.5-4 feet and keeping on toes so that the NZ midcourt can’t pass and cut so effectively. Circle defenders working out how to get around Wilson when she is so effective at using the body to screen them away from a space.

    I think the best things to watch were the short sharp play of C/WA – look to one player (covered), look to second option (covered), and pass to first player (now free), worked very well. All the attackers did their share. I think you can see the Marinkovich (former wing attack) influence on the way passes are released on the feed – sometimes looped widely from one hand. And Bruce was excellent, Klau and Bruce did very well switching. Great accuracy from Bassett and Koenen. Bassett at times holding space and elegantly and efficiently just taking a step to one side and pulling in with one hand, didn’t have to jump so much.

    NZ did play very well. I didn’t think their midcourt would be so darn effective, but the pass and cut was AMAZING from Kersten and Crampton. The placement of feeds was pretty spot on. Also, the swarming zone across their defensive transverse was exceptional (Australia did very well though getting through that mostly). The combination of Ekenasio and Wilson was brilliant as expected, pity about the lower accuracy. Wilson is so good at using her size and footwork to rotate and block off spaces. And their circle defence was very intimidating, I prefer Burger and Watson for most cases, but Fitzpatrick might be good if Garbin is on at GS. And the SPEED and fitness of that entire team, whoa!! I love seeing them improve so much. Gritty, but controlled, going for everything.

    Oh yes and umpires – did a great job but definitely there is a slight advantage to NZ. Don’t forget that there is a home venue advantage too! Depending on the situation this is around 8-15%.

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    Big time has come for Monica Falkner. I’m a fan of her wish her all the best starting GA.

    Ian Harkin
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    GS Koenen
    GA Austin
    WA Watson
    C Moloney
    WD Weston
    GD Bruce
    GK Klau

    Bench: Bassett, Charles, Garbin, Jenner, Price

    New Zealand
    GS Wilson
    GA Falkner
    WA Crampton
    C Kersten
    WD Winders
    GD Burger
    GK Watson

    Bench: Fitzpatrick, Gordon, Mes, Saunders, Souness

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    Who would be ferns captain?
    Jane or Gina?

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    Hope Monica has a fantastic first game 🖤

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    Tonight is a preview of the Northern Star’s attacking line!

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    Great to see Koenen get the start. Surprised Moloney held on to the C bib. Perhaps a decision to keep Watson calm in her captaincy debut? Would have been surprised to see both Charles and Koenen start as that would have meant three players playing just their second cap. Thought Price might have got the start.
    An entire Vixens midcourt.

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    I’m a Monica fan as well, so I hope it goes well for her.

    Hope it is another close game.

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    Didn’t pick Moloney or Falkner but predicted everyone else.

    Really like Marinkovich’s selections. Experience game 1, form game 2.

    GL Falkner. I will be cheering you on.
    I hope Taurua experiments further with her bench this evening.

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    Looking forward to this one. I am a fan of Falkner, hope she has a good game.
    I’m also glad Bruce is playing on her, as I feel if Weston played her she would have been whistled out of the game.

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    Moloney and Koenen are working so well together!

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    Excellent start by the Diamonds

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    And here’s the Diamonds!

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    Looking forward to seeing Bowring’s interpretation of Wilson’s push offs.

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