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    2021 FN Rules


    During the Super Netball season, using stats provided by Champion Data, I work out fantasy scores for each player. It is up to you to try to pick a team and then make changes to it throughout the year, so that the total points your team scores after the 14 home and away rounds is higher than anyone else’s.


    Working within a salary cap of $750,000, choose a squad of 10 players. Your squad must consist of 3 players from the shooters category, 4 from the midcourters and 3 defenders. You’ll probably find it incredibly difficult to fit all the players you want under that salary cap. But that’s the trick. Balancing your team out with stars and some cheaper players who will hopefully rise in price, allowing you to upgrade during the season to more expensive players.

    The opening price list is here… https://fantasynetballblog.wordpress.com/2021/04/08/2021-fn-opening-prices/

    In the price list, each player has a position (or positions) listed next to their name. Please take note of these positions. These are the only positions that you can pick the players in. Your starting team of 7 must consist of one player for every position on court. Your 3 bench players can play any position, providing that 1 is a shooter, 1 is a midcourter and 1 is a defender. For example, your 3 shooters can be 2 GAs and 1 GS or 2 GSs and 1 GA. You can’t have 3 GAs or 3 GSs.

    If one of your starting players doesn’t play for some reason, they will automatically be replaced in the starting lineup by the bench player you’ve listed in that section of the court, no matter what position they play. In other words, if your GA is out, the bench shooter comes into the starting lineup, even if they are a GS.


    After choosing your team, next you have to choose 2 players from your starting 7 to be co-captains. Whichever one of your co-captains gets the higher score for the round, that score will be doubled.


    The absolute final deadline for sending me your team is Saturday, May 1 before the start of the first game. BUT, please don’t leave it that late. I would much prefer you sent me your teams well before that, just in case you’ve made a mistake and you have to make a change.

    So, please send me your team, listing your players, their positions & their prices, make sure you make it clear who is in your starting team and don’t forget to pick your two co-captains. You can send a private message via the “Contact” tab at the top of the Netball Scoop page. If you have any trouble doing this or would prefer to send an email, then you can at sportznut67@gmail.com . If you have any queries or problems, please tell me on the Fantasy Netball thread on NS or by email.


    This is an important part of the game and getting it right can be the difference between winning and losing. You are allowed to make a maximum of 2 trades per week and a maximum of 20 trades for the year. Be warned, if you make 2 trades every week, you’ll run out of trades before the end of the comp. So use them wisely. Again, if you have any questions, just ask.


    A player’s price doesn’t change until they’ve played 3 games. Once a player has played their 3rd game, then their price will change to coincide with a pricing formula which takes into account a player’s previous price and also their current form. This formula is similar to what is used in the top fantasy games like “Supercoach”.


    All of the scores of your starting 7 players will count and you will also receive the highest score from your 3 bench players. Also, the best score of your 2 co-captains is doubled.

    There are some small changes with the scoring system again this year:

    Anyone who gets on court = 20 points
    Full game at WD = 10 points
    At least half game at WD = 5 points
    Goal = 2 points
    “Super Shot” = 4 points
    Missed goal = -4 points
    Feed with an attempt = +2 points
    Feed = 1 point
    Gain = 4 points
    Intercept = 6 points
    Deflection = 6 points
    Rebound = 4 points
    Pickup = 6 points
    CPR (GA/WA) = 1 point per 2 CPRs
    CPR (GD/WD) = 3 points
    Penalty = -1 point per 2 penalties
    Turnover = -4 points
    Pass intercepted = -2 points

    Here are some explanations of the points…

    It is an achievement just to get on court in Super Netball so that is why each player is given 20 points to start with. It is up to them to build on that by playing well.

    Unfortunately, WD has for many years been the lowest scoring position in fantasy netball, so that is why I will reward any player who plays a full game at WD with a bonus of 10 points, while someone who plays at least half the game in that position gets 5 points.

    Goals are worth 2 points in fantasy netball and “super shots” are worth 4 points. A miss with either shot is -4 points, but if it leads to a turnover, it’s -8 points. If a shooter rebounds the missed shot, that’s 4 points to them, but if a defender takes the rebound, it’s 8 points to them.

    In the past, goal assists have been rewarded, but there is a change this season. The feeder’s job is to get the ball to the shooter in a position to shoot. If they do that, but the shooter lets them down by being inaccurate, the feeder shouldn’t be penalised for that. So, this year, instead of goal assists being worth 2 points, it is “feeds with an attempt”. What this means is that the feeder has managed to find their shooter in a shooting position. If the shooter then misses, it doesn’t matter. The feeder still gets 2 points.

    With the defensive stats, an intercept is worth 10 points in total, when the 4 points for a gain are added. A deflection that leads to a gain of possession is also worth 10 points, while a deflection that doesn’t result in a gain is worth 6 points. Pickups are also worth 6 points.

    With centre pass receives, the work of GDs and WDs is often overlooked here, helping out their team when the centre can’t find the GA or WA with the centre pass. So that is why, any CPR the GD or WD takes is worth 3 points.

    A turnover in general is -4 points, but a turnover resulting from an intercepted pass is -6 points to the player in question. And as we’ve already mentioned, a turnover from a missed goal is -8.

    Giving a player 20 points straight away, lessens the chance that they’ll end up with a negative score, but there is still a slight chance that some players will end up with a minus if they have a particularly bad day. If you have that player, the score will be recorded as zero, as no matter how badly someone plays, you shouldn’t get less points than a player who doesn’t even get on court.

    Ian Harkin
    Post count: 7344

    These were the best scores from the 2020 home and away season…

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    Super excited this is back. Will need to spend some time as last year I didn’t do too well haha

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    @ian, if there are some replacement players named before the season starts, will they be added to the list as we go, up to round 1? I’m thinking of a TP imparticular that I believe will be elevated before the start of the season, that I really want in my team…

    Ian Harkin
    Post count: 7344

    Yep. Provided they’re announced in time, I’ll add them and you’ll be able to pick them.

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    Cool, thanks! :good:

    Ian Harkin
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    I only have one team so far!

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    Just sent you mine.

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    Feels like Christmas!

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    @fluffy, are you taking part this year? I’m giving it another try, I like propping up tables :-(

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    I don’t know about anyone else, but I am struggling to decide on a midcourt. I am solid on my shooters, and pretty sure on defenders but midcourt is a really hard.

    So sorry Ian, it will be a bit longer for me. Is there a list somewhere of what players are still injured?

    Ian Harkin
    Post count: 7344

    I’m not sure. I think most teams are pretty much ready to go except for the ones who are out (Watson, Unie). We’ll know more as we get closer.

    With regard to the midcourt, yes, it’s tricky. Watson was just about the first player I chose in my team every year. It might be an opportunity to save some money there.

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