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  • al_ex
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      Dangerous territory for the Lightning. With Swifts and Giants left it’s very possible they could lose both. Firebirds have Magpies and Vixens. Lightning seems to always match up better against the top teams, they’re 3-1 against the Top 3 so far this season.

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        Think maybe the Top 4 will remain as it is. Would love Magpies or Firebirds to make it but think left it too late. Tomorrow’s game will be very interesting though. Swifts are now under pressure

        Andrew Kennedy
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          Al_ex said: “Harten with 13 turnovers, she’s played a few terrible games this year. I wish Fitzgerald actually used Letherbarrow as an impact player rather than someone to bring on with 5 minutes left in the game to shoot super shots. It’s kind of similar to how the Firebirds have used Dwan and I don’t think it’s great for their development.”

          I absolutely agree. Not just a few terrible games, at least 4 if not 5 with negative net points, including this game against the lowest ranked team (opposing Jo Weston is never easy though). She is the number one player in the league for turnovers with 9+ per game, she takes the most supershot attempts but her accuracy is poor, and even her 1-point accuracy is about 80% which is too low for a GS. Very difficult to have your captain playing quite distinctly the worst on your team. Yes she is a leader and yes she has oodles of experience, but she hasn’t consistently responded to training, coaching, psychology, to put her season back on track. Surely there’s a point where you have to accept there needs to be a change? (Definitely not picking on her alone, Dwyer and Price are also in the top 10 for turnovers, it’s the defenders keeping them in this season for sure).

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            On that note, it’s crazy to think this time last year there were people were calling for Dwan to be in the Diamonds team. If Aiken intends to stick around for another year or two, I think Dwan needs to consider making a move.

          Viewing 4 posts - 121 through 124 (of 124 total)
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