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  • Ian Harkin
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    Ian Harkin
    Post count: 10720

    Team lists round 4

    Adelaide Thunderbirds
    Matilda Garrett
    Samantha Gooden
    Georgie Horjus
    Elle McDonald
    Maisie Nankivell
    Hannah Petty
    Lenize Potgieter
    Shamera Sterling
    Shadine Van Der Merwe
    Latanya Wilson

    Collingwood Magpies
    Mel Bragg
    Ash Brazill
    Kelsey Browne
    Molly Jovic
    Kalifa McCollin
    Geva Mentor
    Shimona Nelson
    Jacqui Newton
    Gabby Sinclair
    Jodi-Ann Ward

    GIANTS Netball
    In – Kristiana Manu’a
    Out – Amy Sligar

    April Brandley
    Sophie Dwyer
    Jo Harten
    Maddie Hay
    Matisse Letherbarrow
    Matilda McDonnell
    Amy Parmenter
    Sam Poolman
    Jamie-Lee Price

    Melbourne Vixens
    Ruby Barkmeyer
    Kadie-Ann Dehaney
    Kate Eddy
    Mwai Kumwenda
    Emily Mannix
    Kate Moloney
    Hannah Mundy
    Kaylia Stanton
    Allie Smith
    Jo Weston

    NSW Swifts
    Out – Maddy Proud
    In – Teigan O’Shannassy

    Tayla Fraser
    Sophie Garbin
    Paige Hadley
    Nat Haythornthwaite
    Helen Housby
    Sarah Klau
    Lauren Moore
    Teigan O’Shannassy
    Maddy Turner
    Sam Wallace

    Queensland Firebirds
    Romelda Aiken
    Gretel Bueta
    Lara Dunkley
    Tippah Dwan
    Rudi Ellis
    Tara Hinchliffe
    Kim Jenner
    Jemma Mi Mi
    Kim Ravaillion
    Gabi Simpson

    Sunshine Coast Lightning
    Mahalia Cassidy
    Binnian Hunt
    Cara Koenen
    Phumza Maweni
    Maddy McAuliffe
    Karla Pretorius
    Peace Proscovia
    Laura Scherian
    Kate Shimmin
    Steph Wood

    West Coast Fever
    Jess Anstiss
    Sunday Aryang
    Courtney Bruce
    Verity Charles
    Emma Cosh
    Jhaniele Fowler
    Stacey Francis
    Sasha Glasgow
    Olivia Lewis
    Alice Teague-Neeld

    Ian Harkin
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    Magpies v Firebirds

    GS Nelson
    GA Sinclair
    WA Browne
    C Jovic
    WD Brazill
    GD Ward
    GK Mentor

    GS Aiken
    GA Bueta
    WA Dunkley
    C Ravaillion
    WD Simpson
    GD Jenner
    GK Hinchliffe

    Live scores/stats: https://mc.championdata.com/super_netball/

    Ian Harkin
    Post count: 10720

    Magpies have a good record against Firebirds. They beat them in one game last year and gave them trouble in the other. Can they win today. Firebirds have started nervously in the shooting circle. Magpies 3-1

    Ian Harkin
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    1/4 time: Magpies 17-15

    Even game with Magpies having the upper hand due to much better accuracy; 16/17 compared to 15/21. Nelson with 13/13. Kim Ravaillion playing well for Firebirds and has the highest NNP on court.

    Ian Harkin
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    29-29 as Magpies call a timeout with 2 1/2 mins left in the 2nd Q

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    Collingwood always play well in Tasmania.

    Ravaillion has been excellent, 29 Feeds in a half is exceptional for a Centre. I wonder if we’ll see Dwan, Bueta hasn’t been offering as strongly as in previous weeks.

    Zara Collings
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    I’m really surprised Dwan hasn’t been brought on yet. Bueta isn’t looking too comfortable out there, the shot is off too🤦🏼‍♀️

    Ian Harkin
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    1/2 time: 33-33

    Not sure we can call this a top quality game, but it’s certainly a close one. We’ve got no idea who’s going to win it from here. Good to see Shimona Nelson on fire. And it’s so great to see a rejuvenated Kim Ravaillion playing this well!

    Romelda with a super shot in that Q!

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    Very close game.

    Ian Harkin
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    Shooting % really hurting Firebirds; 78% compared to Magpies 92%. Magpies 39-38

    Ian Harkin
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    As predicted, Magpies really taking it to Firebirds. For whatever reason, they just match up well on them. Score 42-38!

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    Firebirds super messy today. Magpies looking pretty good – I think with Nelson playing well her confidence is up, plus Browne and Braz being back is helping a lot. Interested to see how the rest of their season plays out

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    Dwan has to be the most accurate super-shot shooter in SSN. She looks more comfortable from that range than from closer in.

    Nelson is really dominating in attack, it’s great to see her play so well after all the criticism she’s gotten.

    Ian Harkin
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    3/4 time: Magpies 52-49

    Dwan with a penalty super shot right on 3/4 time to bring the gap back to 3 but Magpies still had the better of that Q. Just when we said how well Rav had been playing, she was responsible for FOUR turnovers in that Q! Who wins???

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